Branch Circular: Covid-19 Update #3

Inevitably a prime focus for UNISON has been to protect members during this period, to ensure their safety and those of their households and to ensure members do not suffer financial detriment.

See attached an agreed FAQs that explains how MCC is treating absence/staff remaining at home during the Covid-19 period. In particular please note that all those who need to self-isolate because they are vulnerable, required to shield (as per Public Health guidance) or living with someone who needs to shield will be paid full pay even if they are unable to undertake alternative work from home.

MCC have also agreed to disregard any Covid-19 sickness absence from any sickness monitoring triggers. In addition anyone who is off sick due to Covid-19 sickness who was due to go on half, or no pay, will be paid full sick pay, to support them at this time.

We have also been discussing with Manchester Council the need to safely deliver the Covid-19 critical services that are vital to our communities. Many of our members continue to work in those vital services which are under enormous pressures and have been joined by large numbers of staff who have volunteered their services to assist. However there will be areas that need greater assistance if they are to meet exceptionally high demands in some services.

Manchester UNISON and other trade unions have been involved in negotiations with the Council on ways to both meet critical service needs whilst also protecting individual members’ needs. A revised Redeployment Procedure aimed at meeting both objectives was considered by our Branch Executive on Wednesday who unanimously agreed the attached FAQs for the duration of the Covid-19 Period.


The key points are that for a three month period, subject to monthly reviews with TUs, the flexibility clause in MCC contracts has been amended so that requests to redeploy staff may be at short notice, if required. In addition a full risk assessment, including PPE if required and social distancing arrangements must be in place before any matching takes place. Individual circumstances, such as being in a vulnerable/shield group, childcare responsibilities and distance to travel will all be taken into account.

All the details are in the attached documents and I would urge you to read them both. If any problems arise then please contact your steward/branch officer ASAP to discuss. We will be actively involved in overseeing these arrangements to ensure that implementation is based on the agreed principles and will continually monitor the process.

Evelyn Doyle
Manchester UNISON Branch Secretary


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