12 Days of Organising – Day 3

12 Days of Organising


In the current climate, working in the public sector can be hard. We’ve found that often, even when we’re fighting cuts and redundancies, it can be campaigns to improve the little things that make life at work miserable that go far in raising the union’s profile and winning the trust and support of members who haven’t had much engagement with trade unions in the past.

That’s why today, we’ve included links (see today’s resource below) to a couple of examples of postcards which have been developed and used by our fighting fund organising teams to identify and campaign on issues in workplaces, and getting our union’s name on the map (not to mention mapping the membership of our union).

Why not make your own, adapt them or try something similar in your own branch or workplace, and see what people have to say?

Recruitment, Recruitment, Recruitment

Recruitment fortnight is really getting underway now in branches across the region, and we’ve updated our live blog with a selection of some of the activities people have been undertaking. In Wigan, activists have been speaking to members about the current NJC pay proposals in local government at a series of mass member meetings, whilst in Tameside, the branch are preparing for a number of health and safety inspections next week – a great opportunity to speak to non-members – as well as holding stalls in various council workplaces.

Doing something in your area? Let us know about it

Examples of postcard fighting fund organising campaign resources

Postcard 1 – Bolton Health (Are you a happy bunny?) Sorry! Link currently broken
Postcard 2 – Stockport Health (No time for a break?)


Since 2009, the average worker has lost £4,000, as wages fall and prices rise. And the welfare cap will have a serious impact on low-income families, while those with two children set to lose a further £1,000 by 2015. Tax credit cuts have already lost some over £2,000. In addition the bedroom tax is set to hit 670,000 households, with disabled people and lone parents hit particularly hard.

UNISON General Secretary, Dave Prentis, will be giving a keynote speech later today at the TUC Pre-Budget rally, exposing the facts that prove why austerity is so desperately unfair for most working people – please share the article today and help us spread the word.

Walk around your workplace and undertake a short issues survey

It doesn’t need to be anything fancy, but today’s challenge is to undertake a short walkaround of your workplace and speak to UNISON members (and non-members). See how they’re getting on, and find out what issues people are concerned about locally – sometimes even in a period of redundancies and cutbacks, it can be the little things that worry people like a lack of soap in the loos or the timing of breaks – things we could potentially do something about. It’s also an excuse to talk about the great benefits of UNISON membership.

Record your findings – you might consider taking them along to a meeting with your employer, or using them as the basis of a local campaign.

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