12 Days of Organising – Day 4

12 Days of Organising


After over 400 job losses over the past four years, staff at Salford University branch held a demonstration yesterday against cuts to redundancy severance packages, and the exclusion of staff on fixed term contracts from severance packages. Over 200 staff attended a meeting earlier to discuss what can be done to stop the proposals.

In difficult times, there has never been a more important time for our union to be a strong voice speaking up for public services and the people who provide them. That’s the essence of recruitment fortnight – highlighting the benefits of membership and building our union so that in every workplace, we are in the strongest position to defend jobs and services. We hope things are going well where you are – if you’d like to share your success stories with us, we’d love to hear from you.

Also, we owe you an apology. Yesterday’s link to our ‘Happy Bunny’ postcard didn’t quite work for a lot of you, due to a slight technical problem. If you’d like to download yesterday’s resource but previously couldn’t, try this link.

Tips on recruitment from our national Strategic Organising Unit

To help you with today’s challenge (see below), today’s resource is a guide to recruiting new members from our national Strategic Organising Unit. They’ve got plenty of experience working with branches on recruitment drives, so this handy set of top tips should help you structure your recruitment conversations and give you a helping hand in building union membership where you are.

Download the guide today – good luck!


UNISON, the largest union in the North West, is calling on hospital managers to think again about their damaging plan to close an impatient oncology unit at Furness General Hospital.

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Speak to 5 non-members about joining UNISON

Yesterday we asked you to do a short walkaround of your workplace to see what was on people’s mind, and find out if there were any local issues which were causing concern that we could do something about.

Today, James, your challenge is to speak to 5 non-members you met on your travels yesterday, and ask them to join UNISON. You can use the fantastic resources from our national strategic organising unit (see above) to help you structure your recruitment conversations, and of course the new national recruitment materials might be useful too.

Remember, the more members we have, the stronger we are and the more we can do to protect services and improve lives at work. Good luck!

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