12 Days of Organising – Day 6

12 Days of Organising


If you were one of the thousands who came out to demonstrate against the Government’s unfair proposals for a bedroom tax on Saturday at an event in our region following our call to action on Friday, thank you. As reported in the Daily Mirror, the largest demonstration against the plans this weekend was in Manchester, and as you’ll see from the photographs, UNISON members were out in force.

It just goes to show that when we mobilise together, alongside members of the community, our message makes the newspapers. In the workplace, being heard depends on union membership being healthy, and building a strong and effective presence that can defend our members’ jobs and the services they provide. That’s why we’re holding this fortnight of intensive organising and recruitment, and as we enter week 2, we’re going to be sending you five more resources, sharing five more news stories, and setting 5 more challenges that’ll help you build the union in your workplace.

If you’ve not yet spoken to colleagues about our new recruitment campaign, now’s a great time to start. We’ve been getting some really positive results across the region and we hope that this week will be just as good as the last.

For ideas and materials, you can visit the recruitment campaign section on our website, and download resources for your workplace.

Good luck!

LRD Documents Database

Did you know that as a UNISON steward or representative, you can access the Labour Research Department’s (LRD) documents database absolutely free?

The LRD conduct research into employment relations matters, and publish numerous guides for trade unionists on employment law, case law, health and safety, negotiating and bargaining, and lots more.

To get access, call UNISONDirect on 0845 355 0845 and let them know that you’re a workplace representative who’d like login details to the LRD archive. Once they’ve confirmed your details, you will be able to log in and access a wealth of information that will help with organising, representation, negotiation and bargaining in your workplace.

Millionaires or families in the North West? Who needs the help?

New analysis from UNISON reveals that instead of cutting taxes for millionaires in the budget, the government could end the child benefit freeze, giving up to 895,850 families in the north west increased child benefit in line with inflation.

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Tell us what you’ve got planned (or what you’ve been up to)

As we enter week two of our recruitment campaign, we’re really keen to know what activists across the North West have been up to, what’s worked well, and what you’ve got planned in terms of recruitment events and activity this week.

You can use this handy online form on our website to tell us about what you’ve been doing, what events or activities you’re gearing up for, as well as sending us photos of your efforts. We’re going to be featuring details on our live blog and twitter feed.

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