Bedroom Tax Campaign Update


First, let me say thank you.  Since the campaign launched last week our supporters have done a brilliant job highlighting David Cameron’s rotten Bedroom Tax,  putting enormous pressure on the Government to think again. 

But we need to keep the pressure up.  This video explains exactly what’s wrong with the Bedroom Tax – please watch it, then share it with friends

David Cameron is getting this so wrong because he and his ministers are completely out of touch.  His Government is preparing to give 13,000 millionaires a tax cut worth an average £100,000, while more than half a million households that are home to a disabled person will lose £700.

And he doesn’t understand the real impact this policy will have on families.  In Hull, where I launched the campaign last week, 4700 people will be affected by the Bedroom Tax – and there are just 73 properties available for them to move into.

So it’s not just unfair, it’s unworkable. 

So please, watch my video, share it, and keep the pressure up

Thank you.

Liam Byrne
Shadow Secretary of State for Work and Pensions

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