A message from the Labour Party Leader

During the last three months, our party has changed. The hopes of so many people – of a different Britain, a better Britain, a more equal, more decent Britain – have grown our movement to a size and strength we haven’t seen for decades.

They are fed up with the inequality, the injustice, the unnecessary poverty – and if you know others who are too, I have a message for them: join us. Join us and help strengthen this movement. Join us, and help us beat the Tories in 2020.

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I know there’s a big British majority for building a more equal society, for eliminating poverty and homelessness. We are a rich country: these things are not necessary or inevitable. They can – and must – be changed.

Let us build a kinder politics, a more caring society together. Let us put our values, the people’s values, back into politics.

Thank you for being a part of this wonderful movement.


Jeremy Corbyn
Leader of the Labour Party

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