Remembering Joe Hill: 100 years on

Joe Hill (1879-1915) was a songwriter and union activist, framed and then executed by the state of Utah. His creative way of campaigning and organising has relevance for those fighting for workers’ rights now.

Joe Hill, the troubadour and union organiser, who “never died”, makes his appearance this November at the Adelphi Liverpool in a play called “Joe Hill’s Dream”.

The story of Joe and his union, the ‘Wobblies’, sends echos down to us today, when we are under vicious attack from the government. These events will stick in everyone’s mind and inspire them to continue Joe Hill’s philosophy: “Don’t mourn, organise!”

See the Nerve website: for more details.


As part of the campaign against the Trade Union Bill now going through Parliament, Joe Hill will take to the streets of Liverpool on Saturday 7th November (11am Church St.) with singing and agitprop.

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