Branch Circular: Covid-19 Update #4

In this circular members can see the national employers latest pay offer for Local Government and the response from national UNISON and the other trade unions rejecting it, calling for a joint approach to National Government, seeking better funding for our workers who are playing such a key role in protecting our communities amid the Covid 19 crisis.

Having reached agreement on the temporary arrangements in respect of the City Council redeployment procedure, the Branch will actively be involved to ensure outcomes that are needed to deliver vital services to our communities whilst also ensuring our members are safe and are protected together with their households.

The Branch continues to support members in employers such as The Manchester College in developments with future partners and delivery organisations providing training.

Our members in Manchester Airport face an extremely challenging future as does the entire air industry. The Branch have agreed some changes which assist in improving the initial agreement with the airport for members in regard to the initial arrangements but this will be a key priority on an ongoing basis.

We are doing everything possible for members in all our employers and would urge every member to let the Branch know of any difficulties they face by contacting their steward, Branch officer or the Branch directly. Our Branch is here to do our best to protect and assist members particularly in times of crisis so please let us know if our union can assist.

The Branch has included a membership form so members can pass to work colleagues to ask them to join. Many new members are joining UNISON in care roles, schools and other employers to seek advice and representation amid this crisis but also for support in the recovery period.

The bottom line is the greater density we have in terms of membership within all our employers the more we can do to represent the interests of our members and better deliver for them.

There has never been a more important time to be a trade union member so please encourage any non-members to join as that benefits all of us and strengthens our voice and negotiating power.

Evelyn Doyle
Manchester UNISON Branch Secretary


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