Branch Circular – Covid-19 Update #8

The work of public servants throughout the Covid crisis has proved how vital their work is to support society. Workers seen as key such as doctors and nurses are also supported by the work of health care assistants, cleaners, porters, IT and reception staff etc.

Local government staff have shown how vital they are in maintaining vital services and supporting vulnerable people in our communities and responded tremendously to all the problems people have faced. The public have recognised more than ever the true worth of public sector workers and it is about time that was recognised in fair pay for them.

UNISON is now consulting members on whether to accept the local government pay offer or to support taking industrial action to get a pay increase members deserve.

The pay offer barely matches inflation this year and does absolutely nothing to repair the 20% plus in living standards through a decade of poor pay settlements.

Our Branch is organising a number of virtual pay meetings which members can take part in to hear the arguments and ask questions. Members will then be balloted as part of the national pay consultation process.

Whilst it is positive that the economy is coming out of general lockdown it is vital that this is done without real risk to the public and our members. The pandemic is not over and UNISON will work with all our employers to ensure safe working remains at the forefront of any changes being brought forward.

UNISON will not meekly accept assurances from a dishonest complacent incompetent government which has cancelled daily press conferences to avoid accountability, ended international tables exposing it’s appalling negligence in responding to the crisis, which has gagged scientists and health experts who wont defend their appalling decisions and even now question the basis of their own government daily Covid death totals.

Your union will continue to put the interests of members first at all times and will ensure their welfare is paramount regardless of Government disregard for the safety of people.

Evelyn Doyle
Manchester UNISON Branch Secretary


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