Local Government Pay: The Con is on. But no one is fooled.

Over the past week we have been out meeting members across the city about the pay proposals.

At these meetings many people are saying the same thing. That the proposals are confusing.

We agree. They are written that way on purpose.

They are written to try and fool us all into accepting the proposals by making out that we are getting a genuine 2.2% offer.

It’s a shameless trick that our members won’t fall for.

Firstly, UNISON members aren’t easily conned. They can see plainly that this is not a genuine 2.2% pay rise if they don’t get their back pay.

The Local Government Association has dragged negotiations out for months. And now they want to rob us of that back pay in exchange for far lower “non-consolidated payments” in December.

It’s like someone stealing twenty quid from you then sending you a fiver in a Christmas card.

Secondly, even if this was a simple 2.2% offer, since when was 2.2% a decent offer? It is far below inflation so it is another pay cut. During our last pay dispute in 2008 we were offered more than that and still went on strike.

This deal is simply not enough and we could get more if we take more strike action.

Of course, with that in mind our own national union have tried to make the con more attractive, sending out some material trying to make out that this is a 3.2% rise. Do they really think we are that stupid?

All our members should have got a ballot paper through the post and we advise everyone to vote to reject these proposals. The ballot closes on 12th November so don’t miss out on your chance to have your say

If you have not got a ballot paper please get in touch on 0161 254 7500 or at unison@manchester.gov.uk.

Find out other reasons why you should reject this offer.

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