A Member Tells Us Why She’s Rejecting The NJC Non-Offer

The headquarters bulletins like to give rose tinted examples of the ‘benefits’ to be gained under the deliberately confusing deal cooked up behind closed doors by the full-time negotiators and the LGA.

Well, here’s one from real life.

“I work full time and earn just less than £20,000. I supported the union’s Worth It campaign for decent pay cos after years of seeing my wages stretched to breaking point my family budget is not enough to last the full month. I did my own calculations on the original 1% offer and I’ve done my own calculations on the new proposals. After tax, insurance and my pension are taken out this new proposal would give me just 14p a week more this year and 50p a week more next year. I care for vulnerable adults and I love my job, but at this rate I’m going to have to look elsewhere. It’s an insult and I expect better from my union”.

We agree.

And if you do too then get the true message out to your members. Reject this non-offer and support the call to requisition a Special Local Government Conference.

Only activists who genuinely care about our union being for its members can start the overdue and necessary process of renewal.

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