Manchester Branch rejects pay proposals and calls for a special LG Service Group Conference

Manchester Branch have taken the unusual step of requisitioning a special Local Government Service Group Conference.

It is not something we have done lightly but we think there are major issues to be addressed within Local Government and the best way to do it is in a conference setting, where everyone can have their say.

This can be done under Rule 3.4.11:

“A special service group conference shall be convened on receipt, by the head of the service group, within any two month period, of requisitions to that effect, stating the business to be transacted, from branches representing not less than 25% of the service group membership.”

To requisition a special LG Conference we need enough branches representing 25% of the membership to submit a requisition within two months.

All branches need to do is send the same requisition.

25% of the membership is achievable but we need to use the same wording in the requisition.

So if your branch also rejects the proposals we are asking for your help and support.

If your Branch submits a requisition please email Manchester Branch – – your Branch name and Local Government membership total as of 1st January 2014 so we know when the 25% required has been achieved.

At a North West Service Group meeting on 14th October, representatives from a wide spread of branches informally indicated their branch would support the call to requisition a Special Conference by writing to the National Secretary of the Local Government Service Group – – in accordance with UNISON Rule D3.4.11 to consider the following business:

  • The 2014-2016 NJC Pay Proposals.
  • The decision to cancel strike action on 14th October.
  • The future Pay Consultation protocols in respect of Local Government pay claims.
  • The best means to secure a decent pay increase for Local Government members and to receive and consider all motions from Branches and Regions concerning the above.

Branches are urged to agree this using the same wording to secure a Special Conference.

Motion Agreed by Manchester Branch Executive

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Motion as Agreed by Regional Local Government Service Group Meeting

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