Local Government Pay: what we must do now

We may never know the true reasons why the majority on the NJC Committee voted to suspend strike action. Or the real reasons why they believe these “new, new” proposals are different in any meaningful way to the “new” proposals they rejected two weeks ago. Or how they amount to a ‘significant improvement’.

What we do know is this.

The decision of those NJC Committee representatives is the biggest sell out of our members in the history of this union.

It’s nothing short of a capitulation in our members fight for better pay, after just one day of action.

Our pay cannot be left to the weakness of the majority of the NJC Committee.

We can get the pay campaign back on track. It is down to activists and branches on the front line to mobilise our members for a massive rejection of these pathetic proposals.

Our members want better pay and they are prepared to fight for it. They know it. We know it. The employers know it. In fact the only people who don’t know it are some of our NJC reps.

Here’s what we need to do

The capitulation of last Thursday must be overturned and challenged at every level within the union.

We must use all available resources to campaign for members to reject the proposals.

We must requisition a special Local Government Conference. This needs the support of Branches representing 25% of the national membership.

The decision of the NJC committee cannot stand. It is a suicide note for our members pay and a surrender notice to the employers about there being any fight whatsoever for fair pay in local government for years to come.

If you agree with this view share it far and wide throughout our union.

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