NJC Committee seeks Branch views by 5 April

UNISON’s membership consultation on the Local Government Association’s (LGA) pay offer for 2018-20 ended on 9 March. The UNISON NJC Committee met on 15th March to consider the response.

UNISON members have rejected the LGA’s offer, with 50.44% voting to reject and 48.66% voting to accept it. (0.89% of ballot papers were spoilt.)

The Committee had recommended rejection of the offer to members as the basis of the membership consultation.

However the Committee agreed the following next steps:

To reluctantly amend its recommendation to acceptance of the pay offer.

To consult branches via Regions on the revised recommendation to accept the offer. This consultation to be completed by 5 April 2018.

That the question to be put to branches is: ‘Do you agree with the NJC Committee’s revised decision to accept the 2018-20 NJC pay offer: Yes /No.’

The NJC made a decision that Branches should not be asked to re-consult members on the pay offer but seek member feedback on the NJC Committee’s question as best they can in the timescale given.

This leaves branches in a very difficult position and a confusing one for members.

We are asked NOT to hold further consultation on the 2 year pay offer of only 2% for most members whilst the Retail Price Index inflation rate is already over 4%.

Yet without any further consultation on this pay offer with members Branches are supposed to ascertain members views over the leadership recommendation / desire to accept the pay offer and to decide a Branch view on that in less than three weeks and in such a short timescale which also includes the Easter holiday period.

Our Branch consultation resulted in an election turnout of 28.13% with 85.87% of members rejecting the pay offer and asking for members to be officially balloted to take action and 14.13% accepting the offer.

Our Branch believes that as a majority of members nationally rejected the pay offer the next step should have been to hold a national industrial action ballot which would result in a massively higher response rate and transparently clarify the wishes of the members on the 2 year pay offer / cut.

Our Branch Executive Committee will meet on 28 March to consider our response to the question to Branches on the pay offer.

Given Branches are not allowed to consult on the pay offer itself our Branch Officers in accordance with the overwhelming response in our Branch consultation will propose that our Branch policy remains to reject the pay offer and call for a formal national ballot.

The Branch would welcome any views on this from members who are most welcome to contact the Branch via stewards, officers or by emailing the Branch on unison@manchester.gov.uk.

As soon as the national position is clarified the Branch will inform all members and thanks members who took part in our Branch consultation and supported our recommendation to reject the pay offer.


Evelyn Doyle
Branch Secretary

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