UNISON Accepts NJC Pay Offer

The Branch Secretary is circulating this notice with regret as it was not the Branch position to accept the pay offer.


The UNISON NJC Committee met on 6 April to consider branch feedback on its recommendation that UNISON should accept the NJC pay offer for 2018-20.

The previous membership consultation resulted in a very narrow overall vote to reject the offer but members in 8 out of 11 Regions had voted to accept it. The NJC Committee therefore sought further feedback from those branches who had responded to the membership consultation on its recommendation to accept.

79% of branches and 10 out of 11 Regions have now voted to accept the pay offer. This feedback was confirmed in a formal acceptance vote by the NJC Committee. We will now notify GMB, Unite and the Local Government Association.

The NJC Joint Secretaries will be meeting on 12 April to consider the Trade Union Side position. GMB has voted to accept the pay offer but Unite has rejected it.

The NJC Committee also agreed an implementation strategy for dealing with the assimilation to the new NJC pay spine, any attempts by employers to undermine or not implement the award, cut conditions or jobs to pay for it or walk away from the NJC. Details of the strategy will be circulated to branches shortly.

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