The Tory Anti-Trade Union Bill – Desperation and Hypocrisy

The new Tory Government is starting off quick, trying to push through their more dispicable legislation as fast as they can.

This is being dressed up a kind of dynamism. The American stylings of doing things in “the first hundred days” are commonplace.

But it isn’t really dynamism. It’s desperation. While the Tories are making a big deal of getting a parliamentary majority, at virtually any point in history a majority of 12 would be viewed as laughably small.

They are trying to legislate quickly because they have no choice. A couple of by-elections and the odd defection to UKIP and that majority could be gone in the blink of an eye.

A lot of very rich people and companies have given the Tories a lot of money. They expect results and the new government are desperate to oblige their big business masters.

One of the first things on their list is a new set of anti trade union laws.

Their proposal is that there should be a 50% turnout in strike ballots. In some public services they will also demand that 40% of those eligible to vote must vote in favour for the strike to go ahead.

We are being discriminated against as Trade Unionists. Being told that we are not fit to make our own rules on ballots.

Clearly this is ridiculous and an attempt to outlaw strike action by the backdoor. The argument has been made many times that virtually no MPs would be elected under these rules. 

When it comes to a parliamentary vote this bill will only need a simple majority of those who turn up. Quorum is just 40 out of 650 MPs.

We will be forced to have a 50% turnout threshold by people who only ask 6% of themselves.

The stench of hypocrisy coming from the Conservative benches is rank and pervasive.

Add into the mix the legalising of hiring of scab labour and we are looking at a serious undermining of strike action.

It is no surprise that the Conservatives want to break from the European Convention on Human rights. These new laws must surely breach Article 11 The Freedom of Association.

This all out attack just goes to show how much the Conservatives fear us.

And they are right to fear us. We are the voice of the people. Not them.

If we work together with other unions, civil rights organisations, public, voluntary and social groups and Labour, then we have the numbers and the resources to defeat this weak government.

And we must.

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