Vote Yes to a campaigning voice for UNISON

The political fund ballot runs from 1 November till 30 November –
Manchester UNISON calls on all members for a Yes vote

UNISON campaigns hard to defend jobs and decent employment standards, to
promote public services and equality, and to protect the health and safety
of our members.

To do this, the law says that unions must have a specific political fund to
pay for such work and that a ballot has to be held every 10 years for it to

This law was brought in by the Thatcher Government to try to undermine
trade unions and their ability to campaign to defend members and services.

No trade union has ever lost such a ballot but we must not be complacent.

In UNISON our Political Fund has two parts. The Affiliated Fund which helps UNISON argue our case in the Labour Party and the General Fund which allows us to campaign against any Government polices of any party that damages our member’s interests.

Members have the right to join either or both and to opt out of either or

No one is compelled to contribute to either.

But if we do not get a YES vote in this ballot both funds will be closed
down and severely restrict our ability to campaign for members for the next
10 years.

Look out for your ballot papers in this month’s U magazine.

Please don’t imagine the insert is adverts and discard it.

We need members to vote Yes to protect their own interests and future.

It will only take a minute so please use your right to vote.

Find out more by looking on UNISON’s national website.

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