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ConDem – Myth Busters

We have all heard the rubbish that the ConDem coalition has come out with to justify their ideologically driven cuts. Below is a selection of ConDem lies along with UNISON’s truth. Put some Tories and LibDems on the spot by…

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Dave Prentis, UNISON General Secretary, said: “Our key priority is to make sure that our members’ pension schemes, that they pay into all their working lives, remain sustainable and affordable and that there is no damaging race to the bottom.…

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The truth about local government pensions

Public Sector Pension Schemes are under almost daily attack in the press. Claims that the schemes are unaffordable, gold plated or featherbedded have become repeated almost daily in some newspapers. Statements like pensions ‘black hole’, ‘pension apartheid’, ‘unsustainable perk’ etc…

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